Instantly translate messages in Rolo

Instantly translate messages in Rolo

Rolo enables you to instantly translate incoming messages into the language of your Rolo app with the help of Google Translate.

The privacy of your messages is maintained by the following:

  • Rolo has no knowledge of who sent the message or which chat it came from.
  • Messages are sent to Google Translate anonymously, without any identifiable details of who you are.

How to translate incoming messages

There are 2 main methods to translate messages:

  1. For 15 seconds after a message is received, you will see a "Translate" button appear to the side of it. Tap that, and the message will be sent for translation.
  2. Long-press on any received message to reveal the action menu, and choose the "Translate" option. Tap that, and the message will be sent for translation.


  • Only messages up to 2,500 characters in length can be translated by this feature.
  • Each Rolo user can only translate a certain number of characters depending on their Rolo tier.
  •     For the Rolo Free tier, this equates to
  •         10,000 characters per day;
  •         50,000 characters per week;
  •         100,000 characters per month.
  • We recommend that this feature not be used for particularly sensitive messages, whose content you do not want stored on Rolo's servers.

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