How do I send photos, videos and files on Rolo?

Rolo supports the transfer and sharing of large files, documents, photos, videos, and voice notes in direct conversations and conversations with a subject. 

  • To send media/files, open the desired chat on the Conversations page
  • Inside the chat room, tap the attachment icon on the bottom left corner 
  • Allow Rolo to access your photos/videos/files on the pop-up window 
  • Send an existing photo/video from your camera roll (the image icon): scroll through the grid and tap 1+ files, then tap the blue paper airplane icon to send 
  • Send an existing file from your phone (the document icon): A window to your files on your phone should appear, once you tap the file you wish to send, it will automatically be sent to the participant
  • Take and send a photo/video through Rolo (the camera icon): Your camera should open, allowing you to take photos/videos within Rolo. Once you have the shot you want to send, tap 'Use Photo' in the bottom right corner and it will automatically be sent to the participant

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