How do I start a conversation with one or more Rolo users?

How do I start a conversation with one or more Rolo users?

You can start a direct or a group conversation with Rolo users that are already on your Contacts list. 

Conversations with a subject are similar to direct conversations, but can be between 2 or more people (group chats) and are comparable to an email thread - they have a specific subject. Once the conversation exists, it can always be accessed by scrolling or searching the subject on the Conversations page.

Creating a new conversation with a subject

  • Open your Conversations page
  • Tap '+' and click the 'Chat' button to create a conversation with a subject
  • In the 'To' field, enter the name(s) of the existing contact(s) you wish to start the conversation with 
  • In the 'Subject' field, enter the topic of conversation or the group name 
  • In the text box, type a message
  • Tap the right-pointing arrow to start the conversation 

Adding people to existing conversations 

  • Open the existing conversation you would like to add more participants in
  • On the top bar, tap the name of the conversation (above where it shows the number of participants) 
  • The Conversation Details page should automatically open
  • Below the 'Chat Description' box tap the person with a plus icon on the right beside 'Participants' 
  • Enter the name of the participant you want to add
  • Tap 'Add'

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