How do I start a direct conversation with another Rolo user?

How do I start a conversation with another Rolo user?

For your convenience, there are a variety of methods to have conversations within the Rolo app. A direct conversation is only between you and one of your contacts. These chats do not have a subject, and they are comparable to SMS.

Method 1: Contacts page 

  • From the Contacts page, use the search bar to find the contact or scroll alphabetically 
  • Once you've found the contact you wish to start a conversation with, tap the chat icon on their profile preview
  • You can also tap the profile preview and tap the chat icon inside their profile

Method 2: Existing direct chat 

You can always access your existing direct conversation with a contact using method 1, or the following method:

  • Open your Conversations page
  • From here you can scroll through conversations from most to least recent, or use the search bar to enter the contact's name 
  • Once the direct chats are identified, you can continue your conversation

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